New London Urban Outreach Program

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Our Mission

At the New London Urban Outreach Project, we see the gospel story as being all about connection, relationship and bridge-building. Time and time again, Jesus reaches out to those on the margins, reaches out to those that everyone else has ignored, and offers them love, acceptance, and a place at the table. This is what we aim to do with our outreach initiatives-- to reach out to those whom our society has ignored and give them a place of honor at our table, to listen to them and give privilege to their voices and their stories.

Our Story

The New London Urban Outreach Project began in October of 2017 with a simple concept-- that through the act of breaking bread with one's neighbor, the kingdom of God could be made known. Thus began a series of dinner parties in which church members from throughout eastern CT broke bread with guests from the New London Homeless Hospitality Center. 


We continue to host programs and events that aim to break down barriers and honor the image of God in all people and throughout creation. All of our programs are open to anyone, regardless of church affiliation or denomination. For more information, email Rev. Sara Ofner-Seals.