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Support Our Mission and Our Work

At FCCNL, we believe in giving not because we must, but because we may. Donating to First Church supports many important ministries, not just for our congregation, but also for the wider community. Here's what your dollars support:

  • New London Breakfasts-- Free breakfast served five days a week to anyone who needs it. This essential ministry serves thousands of people every year. A donation of $250 covers the cost of perishables needed for one week of breakfasts.

  • Hospitality Meals-- First Church members cook and serve a meal to the guests at the Homeless Hospitality Center once a month. A donation of $120 covers the cost of one meal.

  • Compassionate Care-- We have a visitation ministry for those who find themselves homebound or in the hospital due to illness or injury. A donation of $150 covers the costs of this ministry for one month.

  • Community Discussion Groups-- We offer occasional discussion groups at different locations throughout the city, which are open to anyone. A donation of $20 covers the cost of one person's participation in a book study, or the cost of snacks for one weekly meet up.

  • Worship and Music-- At FCCNL we love creative worship that engages all the senses and allows people to encounter God in many different ways. Any donation, big or small, helps us to continue to craft creative and engaging worship that is open to all people.

Please consider contributing to the mission and ministries of First Congregational Church, New London. 
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